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The Evolution of Bruce Lee’s Training with John Little | The Kung Fu Genius Podcast #25

July 13, 2021

In this 25th episode of the Kung Fu Genius Podcast, the KFG (aka Alex Richter) will speak again with Bruce Lee and bodybuilding expert John Little. Lots of gems, lots of interstitial water weight, lots of rusty old Marcy Machines in the basement!  Let’s get to it! 

Time Stamps:

4:04 - Bruce Lee’s early physical training (Seattle-era)

5:49 - Introduction of cardio, Oakland/LA eras

7:33 - Introduction of weight-training/heavy-bag training

8:31 - Upgrades in flexibility training

9:20 - Context for “backyard footage”

9:52 - Hong Kong period

10:10 - The Marcy Circuit Trainer

17:25 - Isometric raining

20:34 - “Good Morning” exercises and back injury

24:14 - Did Bruce Lee’s body composition change in Hong Kong?

33:10 - Was Bruce still training cardio in Hong Kong?

35:26 - The Kung Fu Genius admits he was wrong on Bruce Lee’s body comp

37:40 - Allegations of diuretic use

38:05 - Allegations of steroid use

39:20 - Cortisone as a “steroid” allegation

46:30 - Did Bruce drink cow’s blood?

48:10 - Supplements Bruce took

51:14 - Weight training

52:36 - Kettlebell training

53:12 - Lats

55:54 - Myths about his weight training practices

59:10 - Training various planes of motion (rare for that time)

59:44 - Bruce avoided “big muscles”

1:01:56 - Did Bruce do “split training”?

1:03:30 - Specific training schedule

1:06:09 - How long were Bruce’s weight training sessions

1:07:09 - Genetics and looking like Bruce Lee


The Bruce Lee Drug Letters Video:

This John Little interview was shot before the recent revelations about Bruce Lee’s potentially extensive cocaine habit while he was living in Hong Kong.  This revelation may explain further the loss of interstitial water weight (and/or body fat loss) during Bruce’s final Hong Kong phase. 


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